Thursday, December 11, 2008

new to this...

inspired by my friend Phoebe, I decided to step away from the one-line facebook status update and start a blog. i thought once blogging was somewhat egomaniacal - why write about me all the time. but then searching others blogs, remembering how helpful blogs were to me when i was pregnant, and trying to step outside of myself and become part of something bigger, maybe blogs aren't that bad.

so i clicked the "start blog" button and we'll see where this takes us.

the hardest part, so far at least, was a title. i couldn't come up with anything too clever. so jung dem it is. if i were the type to have a vanity plate, this would be it. a play, mind you, on the pronunciation of Carl Jung's name and my favorite hobby - progressive politics. i'm not certain at what age i'll no longer be a young dem, but for now, i fit the profile.

comment and visit often. blogs are like a box of chocolates. you've gotta take a bite, spit it out, see what it was, then pop it back in and enjoy it.


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